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Nissan X-Trail Facelift: Autonomous Self-Driving Technology

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Although it's no GT-R, you should still get excited about the revised X-Trail. Nissan claims it was the best-selling SUV in 2016, with well over 750,000 examples being sold. In its entire lifetime, over 4 million X-Trails have left the Nissan factory. That, if you were unaware, is a massive number. Most small hatchbacks struggle to break the 2 million mark, yet alone 4 million. 

Visually, the X-Trail gets the 'GT-R treatment'. The grille gets the new 'V-motion' design, there's LED lights both at the front and the rear, and the 17 and 18-inch wheels are completely new. So far so good, but what's there to get super excited about? Well, revisions for the X-Trail don't stop at the visual upgrades. For 2018, Nissan's most popular SUV will offer an optional 'ProPILOT' autonomous driving tech. The system is capable of controlling the steering, accelerator and brake all on its own. As Nissan claims, it will work flawlessly driving itself on the highway, especially in high-speed cruising and rush hour heavy traffic. As far as we can tell, it's the only vehicle in its segment capable of driving itself at the moment. 

Elsewhere, you get a larger trunk, an optional Bose premium audio system, DAB radio as standard and even heated front and rear seats. The X-Trail is the first of its kind to offer autonomous technology, and it won't be the last. Rather than wasting time and money on mild design upgrades and visuals, Nissan decided to get a head start on its competition and do something no one expected. Well played Nissan. 

Prices haven't been announced yet, but we'll keep you updated on any relevant info as soon as Nissan releases it. 

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