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Since we are one of Clazzio’s main dealers of their high quality, tight fitting seat covers, here is a list of frequently asked questions that come across TruckLeather.

  • What exactly are Clazzio Seat Covers?
    • They are simply a slip on seat cover that transforms the look of your interior.  It goes over your existing seats.  The seat covers are also known to increase your truck's resale value.
  • I don't see my truck listed - can you get covers for it?
    • We only have the applications that you see on our site - we can't special order a set for a truck not listed unless there is at least 20 pre-paid orders for a special application.
  • What exactly is this $100 fee for two-tone and contrasting stitching color for?
  • How long will my order take to reach me?
    • It depends if you ordered a custom set or not.  
      • If you ordered a set that is in stock, listed here, then it will reach you in 5-6 days maximum via UPS ground.
      • If you ordered a custom set, then it will take 12-14 weeks to arrive from Japan due to custom manufacturing, freight time, and US customs holding time.
  • What's the difference between the Leather Insert and Vinyl Seat Covers?
    • Leather Insert Seat Covers
      • More durable, resists scratches, punctures, wear & tear over time
      • Includes 3 year manufacturer's warranty
      • Softer to the touch
      • Keeps form better over time
    • Full Vinyl Seat Covers
      • Only 1 year warranty
      • Slight odor during first few weeks
      • Looks and fits just like leather covers
    • It's hard to ignore the huge price difference in the leather vs. vinyl, so it's basically your preference on whether you want the real leather or a vinyl substitute.  They are still the same great fitment and quality and we always recommend the leather over vinyl if your truck is new - you'll have it for a while, so you might as well get the premium material!
    • Additionally, Leather covers are kept more in stock than Vinyl covers, so you won't have to wait the normal lead time for a custom order that you would with Vinyl covers.
  • Are they hard to install? 
    • Not particularly.  Do it yourself instructions are included with every set, specifically for your car.  Installation takes about 2-4 hours for one person to install (varies depending on experience and vehicle)
  • Do I need to remove the seats for installation?
    • You do not need to remove the seats.  On some models, you need to lift up the rear bench seat, but this is explained in the instructions.
  • Is it possible to order special colors?  What if I want two tone?
    • Yes, you can order a special order at no extra cost.  These take 8-10 weeks for delivery from Japan due to custom manufacturing, freight time, and US customs holding time.
  • I only want to order the front seats.  Is this possible?
    • Of course.  We can also order specific parts for your interior if you need only one piece to be covered, such as a head rest or arm rest.  Contact us for pricing.
  • What is included with the kit?
    • The kit includes front and rear seats, including all head rests, and if applicable, arm rests.  An instruction manual is also included, with specific instructions and pictures for your vehicle.
  • Are these seat covers compatible with side impact airbags on my seats?
    • Yes, Clazzio seat covers are designed with a special threading for the area where the air bag would deploy.  Clazzio does not have any effect on the deployment of the side impact airbag.  View a testing video here.
  • Is there a video for help with installation?
    • Yes, here is a brief video showing how to install the seat covers.
  • What is involved with installation?
    • Clazzio seat covers are designed so that installation is simple.  The seat-cover attaching technique uses Velcro, belts, elastic straps and original plastic hooks, depending on your vehicle model.
  • What if I spill something on the covers, will it transfer to my original seats?
    • No need to worry!  There are several layers that protect your original seats from any substances.




Air Bag Testing: