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Toyota Tacoma 2016-2020+ Clazzio Seat Covers - The Best on the Market

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Your Tacoma is already quite amazing straight out of the box - such functionality and performance in a affordable price point that most can attain.  The Toyota comes with an awesome package, 4WD, two rows of seats, and plenty of power.  However, when it comes to the interior, we have a different story...

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Unless you have a TRD package or dealer installed leather kit, your interior is quite lacking on your Tacoma.  Our Clazzio seat covers are here to fix that problem for good - and for way less than a dealer would charge.

As you may be aware when you bought your Tacoma, the dealer may have offered a "premium interior leather upgrade" costing well over $1,000.  Moreover, this dealer package only comes in one color.  Our solution of our leather seat covers makes a customizable cover that looks OEM.  All of our covers are specifically made per application and are not universal.  This makes for a super tight fitting fitment down to every inch of your seats and head rests.

We are now proud to announce that we have covers to fit the power driver seat on the 2020 Toyota Tacoma.  Our fitment is meant to fit around the seat trim that is different from the manual seat on the Tacoma.  Check out the detail picture below to see how nice and proper our covers fit this new application.

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Best Upgrade for Construction & Fleet Trucks : Seat Covers

Construction trucks / fleet trucks get the most miles and use out of anything on the road it seems.  Wear and tear is high on the seats for these vehicles due to the amount of entry and exiting on a daily basis, so naturally the stock cloth seats get worn down quickly over the hundreds [...]

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Customer Install : 2014 F150 SuperCrew Clazzio Leather seat covers

We love getting pictures from our happy customers and their DIY installs for their Clazzio seat covers!  This set was sent over by Mario with a 2014 Ford F150 SuperCrew.  He installed this full set in just 2.5 hours, pretty good timing in our experience (normally it takes around 4 hours for a beginner.)The leather [...]

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It's here! Clazzio 2019 Dodge Ram Seat Covers now available only at

2019 Dodge Ram owners, rejoice!  Application specific seat covers from Clazzio are now available for your Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, 3500 Quad Cab, Crew Cab, and Regular Cab setups.Shop 2019 Dodge Ram seat covers here.Not familiar with Clazzio seat covers?  Our seat covers are specifically measured and manufactured for your truck's interior down to the millimeter.  [...]

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Clazzio Seat Covers vs Katzkin Seat Covers - Which are the Best?

A question that we often get is about the quality of different seat covers brands - which is the best one, and why?  Having dealt seat covers since 2009, we've been around this market and know the pros and cons of most of the brands out there.  Two of the biggest seat covers available are Clazzio [...]

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4 Key Benefits of Installing Clazzio Seat Covers

Adding a set of Clazzio Seat Cover to your truck will make you feel so much better about one of your biggest life purchases, but did you know there are more benefits than just "feeling better" about your truck?  Here we give some key benefits that come with adding Clazzio Seat Covers to your truck.1)  [...]

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FAQ: Should I get PVC or Leather Insert for my Clazzio Seat Covers?

One of the most common questions we get is about the material used on the Clazzio seat covers and which to go with since there is a large price difference between the two.  They are both very high quality materials, the PVC and Leather, but each has their own advantage.Leather InsertOur leather insert seat covers [...]

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FAQ: Can I install my own Clazzio Seat Covers?

One of the most common questions we get here at is about the installation of Clazzio Seat Covers.  Since they are so tight fitting, people often assume that it's a very hard installation best left for the pros.Short answer: YES.  You can install these yourself (most of our customers do)One of the big advantages [...]

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Toyota CH-R Clazzio Seat Covers now available!

Black outer / black leather insert / white stitching Toyota CH-R Seat CoversThe recent Toyota CH-R released in 2018 is a super cool crossover wagon / SUV with futuristic styling, sporty lines, and options available in 4WD.  This new addition to Toyota's lineup puts them in a new spot where they are not only offering [...]

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Scion xB interior rejuvenated with custom Clazzio leather seat covers

Another one for the books is our client in Florida with some custom Clazzio seat covers for his Scion xB.  Being a later model xB meant it had all of the nice technology and practicality, but the seats were a bit lacking in the overall package of the car.  The specs on the set are black outer, [...]

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