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4 Key Benefits of Installing Clazzio Seat Covers

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Adding a set of Clazzio Seat Cover to your truck will make you feel so much better about one of your biggest life purchases, but did you know there are more benefits than just "feeling better" about your truck?  Here we give some key benefits that come with adding Clazzio Seat Covers to your truck.

1)  Increases the Value of your Truck

Who knew that this aftermarket item would actually increase the value of your truck?  Aftermarket car parts are usually associated with decreasing the resale value as a new owner may not have the same taste as the previous owner.  Not all buyers like a lifted F150 with mud tires, for example.  

A unique advantage of adding Clazzio Seat Covers to your truck is that the seat cover fit so good and snug, a dealer or 3rd party buyer may think that it is a dealer-option leather upgrade ($1000+ normally!).  Since the installation is DIY, you also don't have to pay for a shop to install the covers for you - it can be done in your garage.  

Seeing that our truck seat covers cost less than $1,000 at the most expensive, custom two/three tone option, your truck gains a bit of value at resale as it has a perceived $1-1.5k upgrade.


2)  Added Comfort

Our seat covers include half an inch of memory foam in the bottom cushion to make for a more comfortable ride for yourself and all of your passengers.  Since our seat covers go over your existing cloth or leather, this added .5" layer of memory foam on the bottom cushion makes for a much more comfortable ride.

Additionally, the feeling of leather or PVC is a more premium, upscale feel.  You do not get trapped on the seat like a cheap cloth may do and you do not feel like you are stuck to a velcro.


3)  Customizability and Matching of Interior

The seats of your truck are the most used and visible part of your interior.  Why not match them to a more personal color way?  Changing even just the stitching will make your truck feel so much more personal and exciting.  See a red stitching line on your dashboard, but that isn't continued on your seat?  Our seat covers can fix that!  

Even changing the entire color of the seats is a huge upgrade in the truck.  We've had customers go from a full black setup to one of a beige tan with orange stitching.  It's the little details that can make your truck be custom and Clazzio Seat Covers is a great place to start upgrading your truck.

4)  Easy DIY Install

All of our Clazzio Seat Covers include full instructions to install them yourself at your home garage.  We often recommend the help of a friend or family member to assist with the head rests and pulling the straps tight underneath the bottom cushion (also, it's more fun to install with someone else!)  

Other seat cover companies often require professional installation which can add hundreds on to the total cost of your new seat covers.  Since our covers can be installed DIY style, our price is technically the final price - no hidden or extra costs here!