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FAQ: Can I install my own Clazzio Seat Covers?

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One of the most common questions we get here at TruckLeather.com is about the installation of Clazzio Seat Covers.  Since they are so tight fitting, people often assume that it's a very hard installation best left for the pros.

Short answer: YES.  You can install these yourself

(most of our customers do)

One of the big advantages of Clazzio Seat Covers over our competitors is that our covers are completely slip-on.  No removal of the stock fabric / leather needed here - our covers simply slide on over the entire seat and head rests.  The seat covers are precisely measured for a perfect fit on the application specific vehicle.  This means that after slipped on, you will adjust the buckle and strap systems included as well as the draw strings to end up with an OEM looking install.

Application specific instructions are included with every set that include pictures of the installation.  Average install time is around 3-4 hours for a first timer installing Clazzio seat covers for their entire interior.  

If you feel more comfortable leaving installation to the pros, please feel free to reach out and ask us for a recommendation for installation.  We can find an installer in your local area no problem.

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