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Seat Wants You to Name Their Upcoming SUV

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Although most Americans aren't familiar with Seat, the Spanish car manufacturer could soon put that to and end thanks to their upcoming SUV. Seat is part of the VW Groupation, sharing most of its platforms, engines and materials with VW and Skoda. After Skoda joined VW in the SUV market with the Kodiaq, Seat decided they wanted a piece of the cake as well. Why should you, as an American, care for any of this? Because there's a very high chance Seat makes a breakthrough in the U.S. market with the new SUV.

Before they even start building it however, they have to name it. And they're asking you, the readers, to help them. The SUV will share most (if not all) of its components with the Skoda Kodiaq, but we expect Seat to take a more aggressive approach to the design. You can suggest a name on twitter with the hashtag #SEATseekingName. Although anything goes, Seat did mention that they want a name somehow related to Spanish geography. After the initial research, Seat will post a shortlist of three names from which we'll all be able to vote. You can do that here:

It will probably prove to be a massive success in Europe, but we're not sure how it'd fare in the U.S. When given the choice between a VW Tiguan and it, most people will probably opt for the well established VW against its Spanish sibling. Would you ever own a Seat?