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Toyota CH-R Clazzio Seat Covers now available!

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Black outer / black leather insert / white stitching Toyota CH-R Seat Covers

The recent Toyota CH-R released in 2018 is a super cool crossover wagon / SUV with futuristic styling, sporty lines, and options available in 4WD.  This new addition to Toyota's lineup puts them in a new spot where they are not only offering large SUVs and compact commuters.  One thing that was majorly lacking on this new model is the interior and that's where TruckLeather comes in to save the day!

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Our Clazzio seat covers are an application specific seat cover for the CH-R's seats.  They are made specifically for the contour and dimensions of the CH-R and are designed to retain all stock functions of the seats such as seat reclining levers, seat belts, child seat hooks, etc.  The set includes all covers as shown in the diagram here:

The set simply slips on over your existing seats and includes instructions for a DIY install, taking 3-4 hours on average.  We usually suggest that you have a helper to help pull the seat covers down for a nice, tight fitment.  Once you get the first seat done, the rest are straightforward and easy to install.

As you can tell in the pictures, our Toyota CH-R seat covers look like a factory upgrade.  Instead of spending $1000s at the dealer, you can get our high quality leather seat covers for a fraction of the cost.

Best of all, our seat covers are 100% customizable.  They can be ordered in over 500+ color combinations from the center insert color, outer color, and stitching color.  Custom orders take around 8 weeks to be made and delivered, but considering the average ownership of a new vehicle, this is a very short wait time for something custom made for your CH-R.

Clazzio Toyota CH-R Seat Covers