Ford F150 Seat Covers - 2005 to 2008 - Top Rated Seat Covers
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  • 2005-2008 Ford F150 Seat Covers - Front Row
  • 2005-2008 Ford F150 Seat Covers - Front Row
  • Images are examples, and are not vehicle specific.
  • Images are examples, and are not vehicle specific.
  • Images are examples, and are not vehicle specific.
  • Images are examples, and are not vehicle specific.
  • Images are examples, and are not vehicle specific.
  • Images are examples, and are not vehicle specific.
  • Images are examples, and are not vehicle specific.
  • Images are examples, and are not vehicle specific.
Standard Color
Configuration *
Custom Color
Configuration **
Full PVC, 1 row
Full PVC, 2 rows
Full PVC, 3 rows
PVC with Perforated Leather Insert
1 Row
PVC with Perforated Leather Insert
2 Rows
PVC with Perforated Leather Insert
3 Rows
PVC with Quilted PVC Insert
1 row ***
PVC with Quilted PVC Insert
2 rows ***
PVC with Quilted PVC Insert
3 rows ***
* Standard Color Configuration includes a single color for the seat cover, the insert, and the stitching

** Custom Color Configuration includes any color combination for the seat cover, the insert, and the stitching

*** PVC with Quilted PVC Insert includes piping

1 row is typically for the front seats. 2 rows is typically for front and rear seats. 3 rows is for vehicles with a third row.

Ford F150 Seat Covers - 2005 to 2008

Current Price
NOTE: For custom made covers, or items that are out of stock, please expect 8-10 weeks for delivery. For more information, click here.
NOTE: Please select Custom 2 or 3 color setup for any order where all the colors are not the same, including stitching.
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* F150 SPEC:

Product Description


Specifically made for the 2005-2008 Ford F150, our seat covers are application specific and tight fitting - the best on the market, period.

These are an inexpensive, comfortable, high-quality upgrade for your seats. They are made specifically for your vehicle and are tight-fitting, transforming your car to make it look factory-spec.

Note: If you have the 40/20/40 front, this set only fits the center console with cupholder.

Included in the 2-row set:

  • Front Seat Covers
  • Rear Seat Covers
  • Head Rest Covers
  • Arm Rest Covers

This is a complete interior seat cover!

Clazzio Leather Insert Seat Covers

Clazzio Seat Covers are also available with a breathable perforated leather center insert with a vinyl outer portion for the sides and rears of the seat covers. Up to 15 mm of memory foam is inserted in to the bottom seat cushion and upper seat cushion to provide a comfortable ride for anyone riding in your truck or SUV.

  • The front seats include a useful rear pocket.
  • Memory Foam inserted into cover material
  • Easy installation, great end product.
  • Tested to work with side airbags.

Each order comes with full installation instructions for a DIY project. Installation takes about 2-4 hours by yourself. Having another person is recommended to help install the covers and make for a perfect fitment. You do not need to remove your seats from the vehicle.

***Be prepared for 8-10 weeks for delivery for most color configurations. The advantage to the wait is that you can customize your colors to match your truck.  This is the case with all Quilted Seat Covers.  We do stock certain Leather Insert seat covers if you don't want to wait*** Let us know if you are looking for a quick-delivery set.

We figure that you will have the truck for a long time coming, so a 8-10 week wait is a little time compared to the overall life of the truck. You can customize the colors of your seat covers as far as outer color, center insert color, center insert material (PVC, Perforated Leather, or Quilted PVC) and stitching color. Check the image gallery to get an idea of what colors are available for each section.  See more about how custom orders work.


Advantages of Clazzio Seat Covers over competitor covers

  • Inexpensive - compared to the cost of reupholstering or a new leather interior, you can save $1500 at least!
  • Tight Form Fitting - Clazzio's proprietary OEM Seat measuring technique makes for a fantastic final product.  While other seat covers may claim to be "custom", these are fully custom down to the dimensions of the bolsters, head rest mounts, arm rest mounts, rear hooks and other OEM functions of the seat.  These covers go around and tuck in to the existing trim on your seats so there are no gaps in installation.
  • High Quality Material - Not only is the fitment of these seats good, but the actual quality of material used is superior!  They are designed to take years of beating and sliding in and out, in addition to pesky dog hair that your cloth seats eat up.  
  • Works with seat air bags - The seats are specially designed to break upon explosion of a seat's air bag.  Clazzio uses special threading to make sure that the air bag can explode in its proper location.  See videos on 11i-USA's YouTube channel with demonstrations about how airbags will properly deploy with Clazzio seat covers.


Before and After Clazzio Seat Covers

Product Videos

What are Clazzio Seat Covers? 03:21 This is a quick overview on why our seat covers are the best on the market. If you're looking for high quality seat covers for your truck, be sure to visit our full online catalog here:

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  • 2009 F150 with...
    Clazzio seat cover (for Ford F150 2009 model-) seat cover inst...
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    Clazzio seat cover (for Ford F150 '09model-) before/after se...

Manufacturer Information

Clazzio is an automotive parts manufacturer company based in Osaka, Japan established in 2006 making seat covers and other automotive parts and accessories. 11i-USA is their USA branch that is based in Torrance, California. Clazzio strives for to keep their quality high and customer satisfaction even higher. It is their philosophy that "pursuing customers' true satisfaction leads to establishing true mutual trust".

We at TruckLeather also believe in this mission by keeping open and easy communication from pre-order to post-order support.

Product Reviews

Write Review

  1. Looks like factory leather 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Dec 2018

    I only have a regular cab with no back seats and it took my wife and I about 2 hrs to install. My only complaint is that the center armrest cover will not work with mine since my arm rest does not have cupholders. If your armrest does not have cupholders this will not work. Other than than the seat covers are very nice and tight fitting.

  2. Excellent 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Sep 2018

    I was looking for a good tight fitting solution to upgrade the cloth seats in my ‘05 F-150, these covers are perfect. The material quality is excellent and fit is extremely tight. The seats look almost like factory seats. The center console is a bit odd but that’s the design of the truck not the seat covers.

    Installation is not too difficult and instructions are sufficient.

    Highly recommended. Excellent value.

  3. great Covers 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Jan 2018

    Excellent fit and the color was a perfect match.

  4. Awesome 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Aug 2015

    Why buy leather seats from the dealership. If I'd known about these seat covers earlier I would've jumped into these sooner. The craftsmanship is second to none. Its almost impossible to see the difference between these covers and custom leather seats. Although they are a little more money than other seat covers, this is a clear example of getting what you pay for. Buy these covers and you won't be disapointed, other than waiting 10 weeks for delivery..........

  5. Great looking leather covers 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Aug 2014

    Easy to install, fit great, everyone thinks they are factory covers, Price is very affordable. Like the option of buying either front or back seat covers or both. Received quickly after I placed the order. I am very satsified with the service and the product.

  6. Best seat covers you can buy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Mar 2014

    When it comes to purchasing products over the internet, I don't trust anything. One of the only ways I justify a purchase online is through knowledgable reviews. So here I am to give that to you. When I think of seat covers I picture poor quality material, loosely fitting my seats because of a universal design by the manufacturer. These seat covers don't follow that norm. I have never been so impressed with something as simple as seat covers. My stained and beaten vinyl is now wrapped in beautiful leather. It honestly feels as if I'm stepping into a new truck every single time. With everything in life there's always a drawback. Hopefully you don't drive a ford f150 with the console/seat mutation. The two leather pieces wrapping this line up awkwardly and require some modification in order to close the console properly. In a similar review, a man wrote that the headrests covers were difficult to apply. He wasn't joking. With help from a friend it took substantial strength to squeeze those bad boys on. Besides those two minor issues the seat covers are flawless. I didn't bother with the custom two tone covers, instead I went with the all beige covers. The shipping on my order took less than a week. Unfortunately I can't help you with shipping times caused by the custom seat covers. I also live in Texas, if that helps anyone.

  7. awesome seat covers 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Sep 2012

    Even though it took a long time to get the product is was worth the wait. They didnt even look like seat covers from how well they fit..

  8. Great quality!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Aug 2012

    Very well made. Looks like factory leather. Takes a little elbow grease to get them on but well worth it!

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