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FJ Cruiser 2007 to 2008

Clazzio Seat Covers for your Toyota FJ Cruiser is a great upgrade from the stock cloth seats.  Clazzio Seat Covers make for a perfect upgrade to any interior, especially the highly customizable Toyota FJ Cruiser.  You are able to totally transform the interior of your Toyota FJ Cruiser with a full front and rear seat conversion, including head rests and arm rests.  The best part is that you upgrade the material of your seats for way less than you would pay for a custom re-upholster job, with the same fitment and quality!  The covers are custom measured for each seat's application to make for a consistent and tight fitment of OEM quality.  For those looking to customize their Toyota FJ Cruiser a bit more, the seat covers come in a few different patterns and are available in over 500 different color combinations.

The covers are available in real perforated leather insert or full PVC with a perforated center.  Truck Leather has been a direct dealer of Clazzio Seat Covers since 2009.  We offer easy returns if you're not satisfied as well as international shipping. Get Clazzio Seat Covers for your Toyota FJ Cruiser today!

Clazzio Seat Covers for Toyota FJ Cruiser

We are a trusted source for seat covers for your Toyota FJ Cruiser. Dealing with only a small number of trucks in our market and catalog, we can concentrate on affordable Toyota FJ Cruiser seat covers.  Even though they are seat covers, nobody will ever notice.

Adding aftermarket seat covers to your Toyota FJ Cruiser will make you feel more connected and proud of your truck.  Most cars in their lifetime get aftermarket parts, so why not start today with your Toyota FJ Cruiser?