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See how amazing this set of Clazzio seat covers looks after 6 years!

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A true testament to the quality of our truck seat covers - this customer sent us some pictures of a custom set of Clazzio seat covers he bought 6 years ago!  This is on a Scion tC, but it's still the same high quality Clazzio seat covers that we sell to this day.  

The owner obviously took very good care of the covers, conditioning with a wet rag every couple of months.  You'll notice that there isn't much of any sagging on these covers.  If you're planning on having your vehicle for more than 3 years, we always recommend to go with the leather insert material instead of the all PVC covers, as the leather holds its shape better over the years.

We can't believe how nicely they have held up!  For the price, it's such a steal compared to a factory installed leather kit which can run in the thousands.  

We've been a dealer of Clazzio seat covers since 2009 and love seeing happy clients like this.  

If you're thinking of getting a set of Clazzio seat covers for your truck or SUV, be sure to visit our online catalog or contact us today.  We have most single tone colors in stock for most applications, or you can go custom like this set pictured above with a wait time of around 8 weeks.

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