FAQ: Should I Get PVC Or Leather Insert For My Clazzio Seat Covers? – TruckLeather

FAQ: Should I Get PVC Or Leather Insert For My Clazzio Seat Covers?

One of the most common questions we get is about the material used on our seat covers and which to go with since there is a large price difference between the two.  They are both very high quality materials, the PVC and Leather, but each has their own advantage.


Our leather insert seat covers include real leather material on the center section of the seat covers - the portion that is perforated on our covers.  The rest of the seat covers is made of PVC vinyl, so the sides and rear are PVC.  The center insert is the portion used most for wear and tear, so that's why we only cover this section in high quality, real leather.


  • High quality real leather
  • Holds shape well over the years (doesn't sag easily)
  • Real leather smell and soft touch


  • Higher price


Similar in fitment and look to our Leather Insert seat covers are our PVC seat covers.  These look and fit exactly the same as the leather insert covers with the only difference being that the center insert section is actually perforated PVC instead of real leather.


  • Lower price
  • Same great fitment
  • Great for use for up to 3 years


  • Less amount of memory foam in bottom cushion compared to leather insert
  • Doesn't hold shape as well as leather insert due to not being real leather

Our normal advice to select either the PVC or Leather insert from our catalog is to think about how long you are going to keep your truck.  If it's a brand new truck that you will have for years to come, we always suggest leather insert as it will be the best quality for you for the longer run.  If you are going to only have your truck for a year or so, and it's an older truck, then the PVC covers are probably your best bet just due to the lower price.