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Review of TruckLeather Seat Covers

2011 F150 Ford Truck

Product: 2011 F150 Ford Truck Seat Covers 
Posted By: Carol Myers
When I purchased this truck the interior was "ok" but it had been used as a work truck with some grime on the cloth seats. I did my research for a few weeks and kept coming back to the Truck Leather website. Then I called and spoke with Spencer. His knowledge and customer service skills was my deciding factor. He was kind and explained everything to me (being a female) so I understood the process and product. These covers truly fit like a glove. They fit tight and smooth. The installation process is a beast, BUT the end result is amazing. You are barely able to tell these are not factory made and look as good as custom recovered seats that cost way more. I'm so pleased with these quality seat covers! You simply can't go wrong with their products!! I will definitely use them in the future if the need arises and will recommend them to others.

best of all 

Product: Ford F250/F350/F450 Seat Covers - Crew Cab - 2012 - present 
Posted By: Yannick Côté
Takes 8 weeks to receive the covers. It’s my 2nd set and thé exact fit and the leather factory is stiil the same. Very nice look and quality. A very good purchase! 

great Covers 

Product: Ford F150 Seat Covers - 2005 to 2008 
Posted By: N/A
Excellent fit and the color was a perfect match. 

Great Product! 

Product: Ford F150 - 2015 to present 
Posted By: Ryan
This is my second time buying these leather seat covers. I have not been disappointed. They are good quality and the seats completely change the interior of the truck. I would recommend! 

Great for the price! 

Product: Toyota 4Runner 2003 to 2009 
Posted By: Aron
I bought the full PVC set, and they are great. really gives the runner a beautiful rejuvenation inside. only things I didn't care for were the fit of the headrests. a little too loose and not as "whole covering" as i'd like. if you tilt the headrest, or use the headrest at any adjustment other than all the way down, you see the under color (i went from tan leather to black). Second issue is I have full power seats, and the cut of the lower pads for both driver and passenger would be routed/fitted better to make a more snug fit. until I modify or adjust them, you can tell they aren't stock. Has potential, just need a little refining. 


TruckLeather leather seat covers 

Product: Dodge Ram 2500 2010 
Posted By: fred
very nice quality very tight to get on needed 2 other hands great fit 

excellent product, fit and longer term quality 

Product: Ford F250/F350/F450 Crew Cab - 2012 to present 
Posted By: David Borsboom
This is about the 9th full seat set I've purchased and it amazes me every time how perfect it fits and looks afterwards. Such an awesome product. I dare say better than factory leather in my trucks. Don't hesitate to buy these quality covers, you'll be impressed. Trust me, I've tried others, and these are by far the best, hands down. Been buying them for years for all our work trucks, and durability is simply unreal. Excellent product. 

seat covers for new pick-up 

Product: Ford F250/F350/F450 Crew Cab - 2012 to present 
Posted By: N/A
They fit nicely and function even better. They look sharp. 

Fit and Finish of Factory Seat Upholstery 

Product: Ford F150 - 2013 to 2014 
Posted By: N/A
I have to give Ms. Jane a shout out. She was extremely helpful in finding the right combination of sections that fit my truck. She made sure that my order was exactly how i needed it to be. The quality of the PVC is far more supreme than i was expecting. A pleasant surprise for sure. I could only imagine what the real leather must look and feel like. I rate this product and company high because they deserve it! From customer service to quality of product. I shall recommend that anyone that asks of where i bought it. The only thing i can say for unsure at this time is the durability. But if its as Durable as the customer service ill definitely feel as if i got my moneys worth. Thank you again Jane and Truck Leather! 

perfect covers 

Product: Toyota Tacoma 2016 to present 
Posted By: alex osorio
I'm so happy with this covers 

perfect fit! 

Product: Toyota Tacoma 2005 to 2008 
Posted By: N/A
These were really easy to slip on and they are snug, no wrinkles. Feels like I own a new truck. 

very nice for the price! 

Product: Chevrolet Silverado 2007 to 2013 
Posted By: Luke
I will be getting these next time I need seat covers 

Looks great 

Product: Ford F150 - 2015 to present 
Posted By: N/A
Not hard to put on. Took me 2 hours. Zippers are added on side of seat back for easy installation, which was not in the one on YouTube video. Great improvement. Looks great, high quality. 

installing seat covers 

Product: Ford F150 - 2015 to present 
Posted By: N/A
When done these sear covers really look took me by my self about 6 hours to install mainly because I did not know my new f150 very well.on a score of 1 to 10 I would have to give these a 10 for looks I will have to wait and see about durability. 


Product: Ford F150 - 2005 to 2008 
Posted By: Brandon Gliem
Why buy leather seats from the dealership. If I'd known about these seat covers earlier I would've jumped into these sooner. The craftsmanship is second to none. Its almost impossible to see the difference between these covers and custom leather seats. Although they are a little more money than other seat covers, this is a clear example of getting what you pay for. Buy these covers and you won't be disapointed, other than waiting 10 weeks for delivery..........

Great Seat Covers 

Product: Dodge Ram 1500 2006-2008 Quad Cab 
Posted By: Ron Alves
Covers are well made. But, Unless you have installed some I the past they are very hard to install. Even after reading the book and watching many videos on installing the covers, It took me most of the day. I still can not get help from the manufacturer for installing the cover for the center console in my 08 Ram Quad Cab. Called Truck Leather, unable to help, suggested to call the manufacturer tried to call two times no answer, left detailed message and no response after 2 weeks. I guess I will have to cut and adapt one of the 3 extra pieces that came in the set to get some type of matching cover on the console. Not sure I would recommend these covers to anybody else because of the lack of caring or help from the manufacturer in California. 

Too good to be seat covers... 

Product: Dodge Ram 2011-2012 
Posted By: AD
After recovering my seats with these seat covers it is incridible how they look no one knows they are covers they all believe I have leather seats. The installation of the rear seating area requires patience but in the end it all comes out great. I highly recommend these covers if you want the next best thing to leather seats at a fraction of the cost. 

OEM Leather Seat Cover 

Product: GMC Sierra 2007-2013 
Posted By: Glen Lipp
I'm more than pleased with the final outcome of these leather seat covers for my 2010 GMC Sierra. They look AWESOME!! 

Great custom design all-vinyl covers for 2013 F-150 SuperCrew 

Product: TruckLeather Vinyl Seat Covers - Ford F-150 '11-'14 
Posted By: bjohns7778
I did a lot of research before buying these and I am convinced that you cannot get a better seat cover even for twice the money. As others have mentioned, I had problems with small tears in the corners of the front headrests. The tears are barely visible because they are located on the underside of the headrest. I will probably put a stitch in them just to keep them from tearing any further though I don't think this will be a problem because all of the stress that caused them to tear is off of the material once installed. If I had to criticize and part of the design it would be the rear seat center headrest. I believe I have installed correctly but it seems like there is too much material underneath it and it is not secured all that well. These were very minor issues to me in an otherwise great set of seat covers. 

They fit great! 

Product: Dodge Magnum 2006+ Base/SXT 
Posted By: N/A
Good quality and the best part is they fit nice and tight would buy from again!

Very Good Seat Covers 

Product: TruckLeather Vinyl Seat Covers - Toyota Venza '09-'11+ 
Posted By: Pam
The leather seat covers are a very good fit for my 2010 Venza. A bit hard to get on the seats because they fit the seat so well. Have not had them long enough to say how they will do over time. I am vey pleased with how they look and feel. I think you have to look closely or you can't really tell they are seat covers. The light gray color was a near exact match.


Product: Ford F150 - 2011 to 2012 
Posted By: STAUSH

Worth the money, but keep reading. 

Product: Toyota Tundra 2007 to 2013 
Posted By: Kyle
The one thing I didn't like about my truck was the cloth interior. That is now fixed thanks to TruckLeather seat covers. 
Shipping was super fast. 
Installation was tough. I am handy and it took me 5 hrs. In the fine print I found I had to remove the rear seat. Not fun. 
Rear seats look like OEM leather. 
Front have wrinkles from shipping, I am hoping they come out when it gets warmer. 

Overall, happy with the product. Price is right for what you get. 

Great fit, look, and feel 

Product: TruckLeather Vinyl Seat Covers - Ford F-150 '05-'08 
Posted By: Gary
The vinyl has a good quality feel to it, I think it will handle day-to-day abuse nicely. It really looks like leather. The backing has some padding on it and that makes the seat feel like a new seat. The seat now feels like it gives more support because the padding is thicker. 
The fit is fairly good, there is not one bit of fabric visible under the covers. It looks like I re-upholstered my seats, it does not look like a cover at all. The front seats fit really well. The back seat did not fit as well specially where it is attached at the hinges and on the underside (which is visible when the bench is up). This is not a big deal since no one really looks at the back seat, but they could have spent a little more time on getting this right. 
Installation took about 2 hours. Follow the instructions slowly and carefully. The kit comes with a plastic tool that helps you tuck the edges under the plastic frames on your seat. This works great and helps it look like the actual seat upholstery and not a cover. The part that took the longest was the headrests because it is a very tight fit but looks great. Leave the headrest on the seat and SLOWLY move the cover down on the headrest. I suggest you try to push the headrest padding up INTO the cover instead of pulling the cover down. Use the plastic tool to help you compress the padding and work it upwards. Move down a centimeter on one corner, then work the next for 1 centimeter, then the next, and so on. Once the cover is about two-thirds on then it will slide down easier. 
Overall, they really look good, fit is like you re-upholstered.

loose and short fittings 

Product: Eurotone Perforated Two-Tone Steering Wheel Cover 
Posted By: N/A
The rear seat covers both of them are kind of loose about one 3/4" on the seat thickness 
The front seat covers are short about 2 inches and I can not use the Velcro ties to secure it 


Product: GMC Sierra 2003-2006 
Posted By: N/A
had ordered these seat covers but they where the wrong color so after emailing the company they are going to send color swatches . I really like the product so when I get the color samples I will reorder the seat covers . I do recommend that when anyone orders these seat cover have them send color swatches as the colors on there on there web page are not the true colors . 

Very high quality. 

Product: Dodge Ram 2011-2012 
Posted By: Shawn Elder
Very impressed on how the exact fitment was. It was like adding leather seats to my truck for a fraction of the cost. They look and feel great! I would recommend then to all my friends. 

havent opened the box yet 

Product: Dodge Ram 1500 2009-2010 
Posted By: marc Scott
Please send me another survey after Christmas and I will be glad to review your product after they are installed. 

The leather covers look really good in my 06 GMC 

Product: GMC Sierra 2003-2006 
Posted By: Darrell
For the price the covers look great. The back covers were a little long, but was able to correct with a little extra effort. The head rests were really tight. Thanks to previous reviews was able to slowly "work" them on without tearing. I am very satisfied with the results. TruckLeather shipped the wrong seat cover for the driver's seat. Stanley quickly corrected the error with the correct cover. Good service and good looking seats in my truck 

Total Satisfaction 

Product: Dodge Ram 2011-2012 
Posted By: Al
The covers are everything as advertised, fully meeting my expectations. I was very pleased at the ease of installation, very straight forward. I fully recommend this product. 


Product: Dodge Ram 1500 2003-2005 Quad Cab 
Posted By: Motorhead
Very impressed for the money! The fit and feel is great! The only thing I wish I would have did was embroidery and inserts; 


Product: Toyota 4Runner 2003 to 2009 
Posted By: N/A
Shipping was fast, the quality on these seat covers are fantastic! Installed them myself with ease and had no ripping on any of the seat covers or head rests. Instructions were well written.

Excellent fit 

Product: Dodge Ram 2013+ 
Posted By: Matthew
Seat covers fit great, instructions could be a little better but the install is pretty easy. They look incredible; just like factory seats!

Great looking leather covers 

Product: Ford F150 - 2005 to 2008 
Posted By: N/A
Easy to install, fit great, everyone thinks they are factory covers, Price is very affordable. Like the option of buying either front or back seat covers or both. Received quickly after I placed the order. I am very satsified with the service and the product. 

The fit is amazing! 

Product: Ford F150 - 2011 to 2012 
Posted By: Matt
This product is amazing, they fit, look and feel better than factory leather seats. I would recommend these to anyone who is driving a truck and didn't want to pay the outrageous price and go up in trim level just to have factory leather. 

leather seat civers 

Product: Ford F150 - 2011 to 2012 
Posted By: jeremy
Very happy 

Impressive ! 

Product: Toyota FJ Cruiser 2007 to 2008 
Posted By: Jean-Marc Verreault
The TruckLeather insert seat covers looks better than the original one in Toyota FJ Cruiser 08 
Great quality, fits perfectly on the seat. 
Easy to install, 
Quick delivery.

Perfect fit. 

Product: Ford F150 - 2011 to 2012 
Posted By: N/A
Seat covers perfect, could do a little better on the fit and finish of the console/center seat. 

Nice Look 

Product: Ford F150 - 2011 to 2012 
Posted By: Joe
These are an amazing seat cover. I really like the look and quality of the material. I do not like how the head rests are so hard to install. If your going to buy these google head rest shrinker. Gives you a few options on installing. I also am not happy with the cut out for the head rest holes. The leather doesn't stretch and I had a few tears from trying to get the leather over. To me it seems as if the hold is truly not large enough. I can see the tears as I have my head rest all the way down but they are in my mind.

Look great and fit great 

Product: Dodge Ram 1500 2006-2008 Quad Cab 
Posted By: Tommy M
My seat covers were in stock and shipped right away. The color suggested by the sales rep matched my interior perfectly. When I finally finished the job the interior looked like brand new factory leather. I would recomend these covers to anyone. 
I do have a few observations: 
It took me about 5 1/2 to 6 hours to complete. 
The instructions for the console need to be more clear and I wish the console top was available. 
There is a hook on the front of the front seats that is not mentioned in the instructions. I figured it out but it should be included. 
My wife loves the new covers and she is pretty picky. 

They look beautiful! 

Product: Dodge Ram 1500 2009-2010 
Posted By: Paula Rose
The seat covers look great now that they are installed! However I did have a few issues with them: 
1. Very hard to install! 
2. Directions were not clear. 
3. Why in the Hell were the beautiful leather seat covers made with little black elastic straps sewed on with thread?? Should have used a stronger more colour coordinated strap, sewed on with leather...I tore off about 3 of these little straps when I started.. 
4. The colours are not quite the same as I viewed on the computer. 

But now that the stress of installing them is over, they look great and feel great!!!! Love them!! 

Wonderful seat covers. 

Product: TruckLeather Vinyl Seat Covers - Ford F-150 '11-'14 
Posted By: N/A
These seat covers were easy to install and fit my truck very well. I had little to no issue with instillation and they look great. Great buy from a great company. I will definitely use this company and product in the future. 

Looks grate in my 2013 Ford F-150. 

Product: Ford F150 - 2011 to 2012 
Posted By: N/A
Overall product is excellent, takes time and skills to install. Time will show how it's holding up, 


Product: Ford F150 - 2011 to 2012 
Posted By: N/A
This is a high quality leather seat cover..i love it 

excellent covers 

Product: TruckLeather Vinyl Seat Covers - Chevrolet Silverado '14+ 
Posted By: Dave
People don't even know I have cloth seats underneath these...very high console cover is what it is...not great but not bad but don't really know how they could make it much better 

Best seat covers you can buy 
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Product: Ford F150 - 2005 to 2008 
Posted By: Michael

When it comes to purchasing products over the internet, I don't trust anything. One of the only ways I justify a purchase online is through knowledgable reviews. So here I am to give that to you. When I think of seat covers I picture poor quality material, loosely fitting my seats because of a universal design by the manufacturer. These seat covers don't follow that norm. I have never been so impressed with something as simple as seat covers. My stained and beaten vinyl is now wrapped in beautiful leather. It honestly feels as if I'm stepping into a new truck every single time. With everything in life there's always a drawback. Hopefully you don't drive a ford f150 with the console/seat mutation. The two leather pieces wrapping this line up awkwardly and require some modification in order to close the console properly. In a similar review, a man wrote that the headrests covers were difficult to apply. He wasn't joking. With help from a friend it took substantial strength to squeeze those bad boys on. Besides those two minor issues the seat covers are flawless. I didn't bother with the custom two tone covers, instead I went with the all beige covers. The shipping on my order took less than a week. Unfortunately I can't help you with shipping times caused by the custom seat covers. I also live in Texas, if that helps anyone. 

Top of the line quality 

Product: Ford F150 - 2011 to 2012 
Posted By: N/A
Can't even tell they are seat covers. Very comfortable. Professional looking. Difficult to install but worth the effort. 

Almost too good to be true. 

Product: Dodge Ram 1500 2009-2010 
Posted By: Leddy
These covers are fantastic. I had read several reviews and everyone said the samething, and now I can join with them. These are easy, fit perfect, and made my truck feel like a new vehicle. Headrest are the only thing that is hard, but they have to be to have the look. Great 

I give this a product 5 stars. 

Product: Chevrolet Silverado 2007 to 2013 
Posted By: Grant Deupree
I gave it 5 stars because with a buddy you have this done in no time at all. I have put these on mine and stepdads trucks and they work great he's a welder so this should really put these covers to the test. I have had mine in my truck for a few months now and still fit like a glove. the memory foam is a great bonus too. 

top shelf seat covers 

Product: Ford F150 - 2009 to 2010 
Posted By: mike g
great fit , look, feel and price 

5 Star Quality/Fit & Finish - Difficult Installation. Would give 4.5 stars. 

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Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - Toyota 4Runner '03-'09 
Posted By: John K
Once installed, the seat covers look amazing. They fit perfectly in every area other than the rear arm rest, and the gray (as opposed to "light gray") matches the 4Runner interior very well. That being said, I personally found this to be a very difficult installation though YMMV. By trade I'm an aviation mechanic so I am mechanically inclined. I took all the seats out. Nobody says you have to do this, but I would be very interested to know how tight you can pull the straps/ ties that go underneath the seat, from one side to the other - both on the front seats, and in the rear. They come with instructions, and between the printed ones and watching youtube videos, there are no real surprises overall. It's the shear amount of pulling, tugging, turning inside out, and smoothing that you have to do that will take a toll. Again, if you don't want it to look perfect, you won't find it that difficult. For the 4Runner (2006), the back seat-back was the most difficult part. It was tough to make the arm rest area look good. It was slightly unparallel with the rest of the seat lines. 

Overall I would highly recommend these to anyone and everyone, I would just caution them that if they think they are getting it done with ease, that they MIGHT be in for a surprise. 

One negative: the holes that surround the plastic headrest receptacles are purposely tight fitting so that you can't see a seam around that area. I followed the directions perfectly (printed and video) and I would say on half or more of those holes (for a total of all 5 headrests) the leather (might be a PVC area - not sure) ripped. You can barely see the rips, but they do extend out past the edge of the plastic. Hopefully they don't get bigger with time. 

Makes your steering wheel feel real good. 

Product: Eurotone Perforated Two-Tone Steering Wheel Cover 
Posted By: Alan Hirjak
Hard to install evenly on thick partitioned steering wheels, like my dodge. Had to install 3 times to get it right experimenting with placement of the twine to get best fit. Had to buy waxed line at leather shop since my kit was missing the needle and thread once I got it in the mail. It's real tuff but feels real nice in your hand and fits nice and snug. My opinion is too bad they don't have custom fit for specific vehicles. 

Excellent Quality 

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Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - Ford F-150 '10 
Posted By: Gary
Ordered front covers for my 2010 F150. After getting them installed, I was so pleased, I ordered seat covers for the rear seats. Everyone says they look like they're factory installed. I'm very pleased with the Quality & price of this product. I was also pleased with how easy they are to install. I highly recommend this product. 

2013 F150 

Product: TruckLeather Vinyl Seat Covers - Ford F-150 '11-'13 
Posted By: Glen
I was really pleasantly surprised that I recived exactly what I orderd. Fit was nice and tight. My friend that had bought Kat Skins could not believe how good these covers looked. He wish he would have went this rout and saved him about 1400$. 
The only con with this product are the front head rest. Both of mine ripped at the bottom tab. I had to stich them up while installed. I was super slow and careful on the install an they still tore. But over all it's a great product. 

best thing out there!! 

Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - Ford F-150 '11-'13 
Posted By: ricky fabre
I bought these seat covers after a lot of looking. Let me just say it's the best thing I've done to the yet. Just plain Awsome !!! 

Top Quality 

Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - Ford F-150 '11-'13 
Posted By: Duane Bowman
I spent a ton of time researching which seat covers to buy. I finally decided on the TruckLeather leather covers and am very glad I did. These covers look better than factory leather. I had mine custom ordered and my buddies are in awe of the quality and look of these covers!!! 

F-150 Seat Covers 

Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - Ford F-150 '11-'13 
Posted By: Kevin Stewart
Just got them installed yesterday and they look great. Almost look like factory leather seats. Great quality, service and delivery. 

Nice covers!!!! 

Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - Dodge Ram '06-'08 
Posted By: Shane Withenshaw
Installed in a 2008 dodge ram sxt. When the covers arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and look. the rear bench cover although a little tough to install, fit good and looks factory. the 40/20/40 bench in the front has a couple small issues but overall looks good. The only issues were that the lower cusion on the passenger side seat bubbles out about a 1/4 " at the front of the cushion but doesn't look too bad. The front center seat has an issue at the end of the seams stick up. when I tried to pull it tight enough to fix this the velcro on the back of the cushion didn't line up so I wasn't able to pull it tight enough. 

My only big issue with the set was the console covers. they didn't fit right at all. The bottom part fit snugly but when the console was closed, you could still see the seams protruding from under the lid. It came with velcro straps attached but no matter how much I tightened the straps it only drew the seams in where the straps were located. Also the straps spanned across the the opening in the console and were quite intrusive. I think a better design would be to line the end seams that go under the lid with velcro and put adhesive velcro inside the console to eliminate these useless straps all together. By pulling all the seams up and stretching them over I was able to get it to fit good but it would not stay put. to fix this I incrementally pulled the seem so it would be hidden when the lid was closed and glued it down with a drop of heavy bodied CA glue. Now when the console is closed it looks factory and no more ugly intrusive straps. Next we have the lid cover. What a mess. the seams didn't line up right. it was almost as if it was designed for a taller narrower console lid. I did wrestle it on and got it to fit but it looked and felt a little strange because the seams were more towards the top of the lid. Also i pretty much had to stand in the lid to get sthe console to clip closed after I got it on. In the end I decided to remove the lid cover. The lid is dark grey vinyl and matches the dark grey inserts in the seats anyways so it looks good and the console had an easier time closing without it. Everything on the console/center seat looks factory from the front but from the back seat it is a different story. 

Final thought is besides the front center seat/console covers the rest of the vehicle fit great a looks VERY NICE. I feel like I'm driving in a whole different vehicle. A nicer one :) . 

best covers ive had 

Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - Ford F-150 '11-'13 
Posted By: N/A
Great fit and finish and excellent service by truck leather. In a world of junk products its nice to find quality 

Awesome seat covers 
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Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - Ford F-150 '11-'13 
Posted By: Bo

The covers fit my seats perfect and totally changed the look of my truck. I couldn't be happier. Thanks! 

2010 XLT SuperScrew with 40/20/40 seats 

Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - Ford F-150 '10 
Posted By: Jeff Volpe
The quality of the seats is great. Installation was easier than expected. However, I was a little disappointed in the top portion/console of the center bench seat. I never saw a picture of the 2010 version and assumed it would be like the 11' version and newer. It velcros over the top, instead of around the part that opens and doesn't let you open the console easily. Otherwise, I'm really happy with the seat covers. 

Awesome Seat Covers!! 

Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - Dodge Ram '03-'05 
Posted By: N/A
I have only had these for a few weeks now. I absolutely like them. Took some time to put on but the after look is great. I can't tell you how long they will hold up but from looking at them and installing them, I feel like they will last a long time. I am happy I went with these instead of cheaper ones at like Canadian tire etc. The seats look like new after installing these. 


Product: TruckLeather Vinyl Seat Covers - Dodge Ram '06-'08 
I ordered this product sight unseen and hoped it would live up to it's hype and not be a scam. The price I considered reasonable for the promised items. I would have liked to be able to get product sooner than 3 months. It is work to put them on but they do fit snug and that is what you will want. Putting them on when it was a warm/hot day would made it easier than on a cold winter day but it can/was done. The covers are great looking it would be difficult to tell from original leather/ vinyl. 

Good product 

Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - Dodge Ram '03-'05 
Posted By: Mike
I have not had these covers long so I don't know how they will look after a year of use. That said, These covers are great looking and so far have held their shape. It takes one heck of a grip to install them but it is not complicated and I think anyone who has the grip could do it well. 

Awesome seat covers 

Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - Ford F-150 '11-'13 
Posted By: N/A
I custom ordered a set of the Black outer/ Grey inner leather seat covers for my 2013 F150 XLT Screw. They arrived in just over 4 weeks. Installation was tough but well worth it, they look great and are great quality. I don't know how they sell these covers for such a great price. They look amazing! 

great product - looks almost stock 

Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - Ford F-150 '11-'13 
Posted By: N/A
Great Product - was a pain to put on, but look and finish is almost like stock leather seats. 

great product 

Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - Toyota 4Runner '03-'09 
Posted By: James Barreda
I am very happy with this purchase! everything worked out just right and I will always recommend this product to family and friends. 

Best value in seat covers anywhere 

Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - Ford F-150 '11-'13 
Posted By: N/A
The TruckLeather seat covers are exceptionally well made with perforated leather inserts surrounded by heavy gauge vinyl. The fit is excellent on the 2009+ F150. They look great and appear to be very durable. 

2012 f150 xlt ingot screw 

Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - Ford F-150 '11-'13 
Posted By: N/A
worth the bucks /gray is a good match,looks good . fyi head rests are a little chore to cover but I got er done ,good product. thanks WPK. 

awesome seat covers 

Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - Ford F-150 '05-'08 
Posted By: Angela
Even though it took a long time to get the product is was worth the wait. They didnt even look like seat covers from how well they fit.. 

Great quality!! 

Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - Ford F-150 '05-'08 
Posted By: N/A
Very well made. Looks like factory leather. Takes a little elbow grease to get them on but well worth it! 

WOW, what a great upgrade! 

Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - Toyota FJ Cruiser '11+ 
Posted By: Walther
Perforated tan leather seating areas, black bolsters, and orange stitching all around! A great look, a great fit, great instructions (with an occasional quirky translation mistake), an easy Sunday morning project! 

Well worth the money, fully customizable order, for a custom look. Delivery time is relatively short sonsidering the product is hand-sown and handmade. Wow, what a great upgrade! 

Seems like a good product 

Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - Ford F-150 '11-'13 
Posted By: Jim
Finally pulled the trigger on the covers for my '12 XLT. Just ordered the fronts (captians chairs) First, I must say that Spencer at was great. Answered all of my questions in a very timely manner. Once I got the covers I was impressed, they look and feel good. I just went with the gray covers not a custom set, so they were at my door in less than a week. I will say that the directions that came in the box are not well written, but with the help of the Youtube vids that I found I was able to get things squared away. The only negative thing I have to say is that I had issues with both headrests. I tore one to the point of it will need replacement. The other has a miniscule tear but I was able to fit it properly. So that being said just be careful with them and you will be happy with the results 


Product: TruckLeather Vinyl Seat Covers - Toyota Venza '09-'11+ 
Posted By: Bobby from CA
After reading reviews i was convinced to purchase, after purchasing and installing i am amazed of its fit and quality. I admire it every time i get in the car. Special order took almost 3 months to arrive but i have them the way i wished and love it. 

better than OEM 

Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - Ford F-150 '11-'13 
Posted By: N/A
I love my new black f150 seat covers, they look amazing. My wife says (and I agree with her) that they look better than her OEM Ford Leather ! 

2012 F150 custom covers made my Truck POP! 

Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - Ford F-150 '11-'13 
Posted By: Mike
Great experience from start to finish! These are the best option for what the market calls seat covers! I think they need to create a new description for this product since these come with a price of quality seat covers but are well above the class with the look, fit and comfort they provide. It is no joke,, the dealer I bought the truck from thought I had the seats reupholstered! I did a review on a F150 forum and they were all blown away with how they fit and how it completely changed my interior. if you are interested check it out here: 

How often can you buy something that far exceeds your needs and out classes all of its competitors? Yes they cover the seats, but they do it so well you will only hope this company starts making them for your other vehicles! 

Can you see the 2005 up Ford Mustang with these seat covers??? I can!! 

Company Service 10 
Price 10 
Quality 10 
Fit 10 
Comfort 10 
Custom colors 10 
instructions 5 

Excellent product 

Product: TruckLeather Leather Insert Seat Covers - GMC Sierra '03-'06 
Posted By: KJ
It is one knows that they are actually seat covers! Seat covers that look like OEM leather. Quality product with excellent fit. TruckLeather is a product that is "best bang for the buck!"