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Seat Cover Installation Notes

One of the most common questions we receive here at TruckLeather is about the installation of our seat covers.  All of our kits include installation instructions for the exact spec you have, however it can be a little confusing to some.

Want to know a little more about installing our seat covers?  Read below!


  • Our manufacturer makes these seat covers with perfect match to automobile seats. Therefore, the seat covers may initially feel “tight” when installed. Apply force evenly to each part of cover. We conduct tensile strength tests on each product. Keep in mind, however, that excessive external force may damage the product.
  • The headrest holes on the upper part of the backrest cover do not expand easily. The cover may be torn if you attempt to put the headrest into holes with excessive force.
  • Do not remove plastic parts or armrest parts of the seats by force, damage to the seats may occur.
  • Pay attention while installing seat cover, you could get injured, by coming into contact with sharp metal or plastic parts of the seat.
  • Install and attach the seat cover in the order specified in the manual. Turn off automobile lights at time of installation. If cars doors are open for a long time, battery may die or lose its charge.
  • Eleven International manufactures seat covers with precise fit in mind. Please understand that some wrinkles on seat covers will remain.

Also, our seat covers use a special sewing thread for both sides of each backrest (on the first row along with the opening and closing part of the SRS side airbag, regardless of whether or not the SRS side airbag is used). This sewing thread is easier to break.. Be careful not to apply excessive force on this area during install.. Make sure to install the seat cover correctly, or the side airbag may not work correctly, resulting in injury or even death.
* There are currently no formal safety standards for side airbags. Therefore, the in-house standards apply.