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Best Upgrade For Construction & Fleet Trucks : Seat Covers

Construction trucks / fleet trucks get the most miles and use out of anything on the road it seems.  Wear and tear is high on the seats for these vehicles due to the amount of entry and exiting on a daily basis, so naturally the stock cloth seats get worn down quickly over the hundreds of thousands of miles these work horses endure.

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Best Upgrade For Construction Trucks

One of the most common types of customers that we make seat covers for is for construction trucks.  Owners of contracting services like to take care of their field workers and upgrading to a leather interior is one of the best ways to make a truck feel brand new.

Business Expense

One of the most effective ways to boost daily moral and company confidence is by a simple thing like providing a great vehicle for employees to operate out of.  Construction businesses and contractors face a tough balance of keeping the bottom line profitable.  Luckily, an upgrade like seat covers to a company truck is a tax writeoff!  The business is already paying money on taxes, so might as well dedicate some of that money to something like seat covers.

Single Color Setup Or Custom Colors Available

Here at TruckLeather, we keep stock on the most popular application specific color ways.  However, for those wanting to go the extra mile, we offer a custom color program.

What all does the custom color program entail?  We can make your full set of front and rear seat covers, including head rests and arm rests, in whichever color way you would like.  If your construction company has a specific color way / branding scheme that you want to keep consistent on, we can apply that scheme to your fleet - no problem!  It is a little more expensive to go that route and does take around 8-10 weeks, but you can rest assured that it is custom just for your vehicle.

Fleet Discounts Available

Looking to hook up multiple vehicles with our tight fitting, application specific seat covers?  No problem.  We'd love to help with special pricing if you are looking to outfit a number of your company's trucks.  Contact Us for more information - we'd love to talk!

Hundreds Of Applications Available

No matter if you have a 2005 Silverado or 2019 F150, we have you covered!  We have hundreds of fitments available that are in stock or available for custom order.