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Customer Install : 2014 F150 SuperCrew Leather Seat Covers

We love getting pictures from our happy customers and their DIY installs for their seat covers!  This set was sent over by Mario with a 2014 Ford F150 SuperCrew.  He installed this full set in just 2.5 hours, pretty good timing in our experience (normally it takes around 4 hours for a beginner.)

The leather set includes everything you need for installation as well as full DIY instructions for an at home install.  If you aren't comfortable installing it yourself, you can always take the kit to an upholstery shop and they can install it with the expert touch.

To find out more on our seat covers, check out the Ford F150 Clazzio seat cover listing on our site.

Instead of waiting for 8 weeks for a custom set to come in, Mario went with an all black leather insert set that we normally keep in stock for all F150s, regardless of year or spec.  We had a few in the exact 2014 SuperCrew spec that he needed, so he received the set within a week of ordering and had them on his truck ASAP.