TruckLeather Seat Covers Vs Katzkin Seat Covers - Which Are The Best?

TruckLeather Seat Covers Vs Katzkin Seat Covers - Which Are The Best? (2024 Update)

A question that we often get is about the quality of different seat covers brands - which is the best one, and why?  Having dealt seat covers since 2009, we've been around this market and know the pros and cons of most of the brands out there.  Two of the biggest seat covers available are our Clazzio Seat Covers and Katzkin.  Let's figure out which is best, once and for all.  

Disclaimer:  We are a dealer for Clazzio seat covers and may be slightly biased!


When it comes to fitment, both the Clazzio and Katzkin covers fit extremely well.  

However, a fundamental difference with Clazzio and Katzkin is that Clazzio covers slip on over your existing cloth seats, while Katzkin require the removal of the seat material.  The Clazzios are meant for a DIY install and include instructions while the Katzkin often require the use of an installation shop.  Even though Clazzios are designed to fit within millimeters for the vehicle's specific seats, the installation by the end user may result in a poor looking fitment.  

So which has better fitment?  We can't really judge one over the other due to the point mentioned that it is dependent on the installation quality.  Some Clazzio installations look amazing when others, not so much.  If both seat cover brands are installed at the highest of precision, then it would be a tie on quality of fitment.


Clazzio and Katzkin seat covers are both available in many different setups and materials, but we will just go based on what is the most popular configuration for both.

Clazzio - $600 w/ free shipping for single color, leather insert seat covers (DIY install)

Katzkin - $2000 including installation for single color, leather seat covers (must be installed at a shop)

The numbers don't lie and we feel that the value proposition is what makes Clazzio such a superior product.  


Katzkin and Clazzio covers are offered in a ton of varieties, though Katzkin may take the award for the most customizability.  Clazzio covers are offered only in two designs - perforated center (leather or PVC) with smooth PVC outer, or quilted diamond stitch center with smooth PVC outer.  

Katzkin is available in a few more overall designs with options for embroidery and embossing. 


Overall, We Have To Go With Clazzio Being The Superior Product.  Being a Japanese company, there are mostly only applications for US Trucks and Japanese cars and trucks.  They are expanding their offerings but if Clazzio covers are available for your car, save the money and go with them.  

Looking to get a set of seat covers for your truck?  We've been a dealer of high quality Clazzio seat covers since 2009.  Shop our truck seat covers with the best service around, not to mention free shipping.

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